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Humble beginnings
World Class Urban Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity that was started as a grass roots movement to help children who could not afford to participate in after-school extra curricular actives and community events due to lack of resources.  Starting with the founders, the movement grew to a group of caring parents who wanted their kids to have access to youth development and enrichment programs, but realized they could not afford to do so alone, and likewise wanted more than just their kids to benefit but rather wanted all children not only in their low-end-community, but also in low-end-communities everywhere to benefit and thereby not leave any child behind.  It became evident that this could only be achieved by pooling resources together and creating a charitable organization along with developing community partnerships with other like mined nonprofit organizations with kindred spirits.  

As a result, WCUF has a multipurpose mandate, including: promoting academics through delivering high quality educational and cultural programs, providing quality child care, instilling top-notch health and wellness through proper nutrition, and providing enjoyable recreation and training through amateur club sports thereby developing outstanding student athletes. We accomplish this by offering two after-school academic, and sports clubs whereby children have access to science and math classes and get help with reading, while also participating in club sports. Additionally cultural experiences and nutritious meals are incorporated into the regimen.  All of which complements each other very nicely and creates powerful synergy toward providing a well rounded enrichment program designed to stimulate and engage children like never before.  Also Saturday and Summer Day Camps are offered as well as standard child care through an extended day program throughout the week. Furthermore a preschool and community center is on the horizon. So stay tuned!

Challenges we face
Admittedly, the challenges we face and obstacles we must overcome are enormous if we are to fulfill our commission. For instance, have you ever taken the time to notice the vast economic divide in this world between "the have and have nots." This enormous disparity is not a new phenomenon, however the pace of expansion between these two groups is increasingly on the rise.  There has been so much wealth creation for some, while others have been left out of such prosperous growth.  This reality is not just noteworthy as a philosophic discussion, but remarkable when you fully comprehend the significant effect it has on the lives of many.  In fact the results have been devastating for those at the lower end of the economic spectrum in a myriad of ways, however arguably the biggest travesty has been the negative impact on children.  When children lack the necessary resources relative to other children in this society, it creates a generational trend of inequality and poverty.

There is no single solution toward solving these disparities.  However one path out of poverty, which is supported by a plethora of economic studies suggest that obtaining a quality education is the great equalizer, which starts at the earliest years of childhood.  We recognize that for children to have the best chance of succeeding in life they, need to get off to a fantastic start!  That means they need to be provided with exciting, stimulating, dynamic, creative and interactive education, exposure to a variety of teaching methods and techniques, access to cutting edge technology, positive role model influence that inspires and encourages kids to reach beyond their neighborhood boundaries along with tremendous support and stability in their lives.  Essentially they need to be raised in a "village", so to speak, one where there is strong family support, strong school support and strong community support.  The challenge of course is meeting the needs in all of these areas when kids are raised during an age of daunting socioeconomic factors such as financial shortages, prolonged unemployment, broken families, malnutrition, negative influences such as drugs, gangs and crime, distractions such as video games, failing schools, and lack of coordination in our communities.

That's were we come in!

Our purpose
World Class Urban Foundation was created to seek out philanthropic support to address these deficiencies in society by addressing the needs of those who need help most such as those who society deems socially: disenfranchised, disadvantaged, underprivileged, low income, in poverty, minorities and people of color, immigrants and the list goes on an on.  We want to help and have dedicated ourselves toward becoming the premier organization that targets these issues. So for our youth, faced with these socioeconomic challenges, we are gathering resources to effect change on your behalf! So hang on, becuase help is on the way!

Contact Us
If you are not familiar with our organization, we invite you to review our websites. Please let us know what your needs are, and we will be more than happy to help if it is within our power to do so.  In the meantime, we thank you for visiting us and are looking forward from hearing from you. We can be reached via e-mail at: info@worldclassurbanfoundation.org