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Our mission is dramatically improve the quality of life for students in urban communities resulting in dramatic improvements in academic achievement.  Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality youth development experience a student can receive.  Strategically we will accomplish this through a combination of: inspiration, diversity, competition, parental and community involvement, positive urban role model influence and 21st Century educational instruction.  To summarize, our goal is to Inspire Urban Youth in a Trans-formative Way!  Doesn't your child deserve to be the BEST?

Our vision is to first meet the needs of local communities domestically and one day expand around the globe!  As a result of our expansion aspirations, we envision one day widening out to address other areas of potential need such as: foster care & adoption services, low income housing, homeless shelters, feeding the hungry, assistance to widows, help with substance abuse, help for the disabled & mentally impaired, disaster relief, treatment of chronic & terminal illnesses and engaging in economic development and neighborhood revitalization for low income communities.