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We NEED your Support!

Help us make a dream come true that would be an inspiration and beacon of hope to the low-income-communities that we serve.  We hope to one day offer services housed out of a local community center where we are able to serve our constituents on a regular basis. We invite you to join our quest toward this end goal and help us turn this dream into reality. This would serve as a ounce of hope for those who need our help and would make a lasting impact on their lives.  We hope to one day offer needed programs on a broader scale and on a more consistent basis.  It could serve as a model for the future as we expand into other communities.  We hope to one offer a suite of services that are multi-faceted right in line with our inherit make up that would address a variety of needs people in low-income-communities desperately need such as:

  • Preschool & Child Care
  • Academic & Learning clubs
  • Library & Jobs Skills Training
  • Recreation & Entertainment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sports Complex / Fitness
  • Club Sports
  • Eatery